An Update? Hmmm….

Well, it has been a while since Phone Post mania, so here goes…

I went to Atlanta, GA last weekend to visit a friend, Marlin, whom I had been chatting with for a long time. I had a blast down there! Went to lots of great places, including the Underground in downtown, rode around on the MARTA rail service, and saw Turner Field and the Georgia Dome (at least, went by them). He was a very great guy and a hospitable host, I definately plan to go back down there sometime soon.

My friend John from Danville is going to try to come by on Friday to hang out for the day, I hope the weather dosen’t become too problematic.

Classes going good this week, have a rough draft due next week and a test next week in Survey… Gah.

Radio gig is going well, I’m starting to improvise on the air, a great talent I’m told is needed to be good as a personality on the air.

That’s about all for now….