Having fun so far this weekend, got my new DVD recorder and am having fun figuring out the knack of it, hehe. Don’t worry, I’m not waisting discs. 🙂

Got the 80GB hard drive in as a slave drive on F:, schweet… hehe, now I’ve got a comfortable pad even on my C: drive, which has a 14.4 GB capacity.

Got a speech due in Pub. Speaking tomorrow morning, I’m going to give a presentation on Dark Shadows. Now there is something that is going to be interesting.

Have I mentioned that I hate my flipping job? I need new employment and fast, will wait until the end of the semester however so as not to conflict with my vacation time already scheduled at my current job for announcing Boone baseball games.

I’ll try to think of more to share later, prepping to go to today’s ETSU/Georgia Southern game down at Cardinal Park.

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    1. Oh yes… sorry for the delayed response…

      I gave just a brief summary of the show, the beginnings, when Barnabas arrived, how the writers used time to enhance the plots, and the end of the show.

      I realized only after that I didn’t even mention Quentin at all, what a travesty that was. It’s hard to summarize a 5 year show in about 7 minutes, hehe, but I tried.

      I got a B on the presentation, btw.

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