The Number Five….

First of all: only certain members of my friends list are seeing this post, because I only trust my most inner circle of friends with this information…


Why does the number five have significance to me today….

Because I’m in my fifth relationship now. This one is different from before, it blossomed over time this time. Not only does me and this person share similar interests, but shares my sense of humor as well. His name is Greg, and he is a very special guy to me. He is my boyfriend now. It will be taken slow, of course, but he means a lot to me now.

You may be asking yourself, why am I only making this available to certain friends? Because certain people may think that I am dating a freak, stalker, whatever. To those persons, fuck them! I don’t care what they think. I may not continue to use this secret list in the future if I deem so, but I wanted to do it this way first. I hope you all understand.

That’s all I have to say, goodnight 🙂