Fun with Video Capture….

I love my new TV Card, you don’t know how long I’ve longed for this capability….

Here is a page of captures from Monty Python’s Flying Circus

And a video file (the first ever that i’ve created) of the hilarious Zeppelin sketch from Episode 40

In other news… me and my guy are doing great, getting together with a few of my friends tomorrow at Ruby Tuesday’s here in town for food, drinks, and conversation, what i enjoy. Classes are good, got a bitch of an annotated bibliography due Wednesday, but it should be no problem to get done. My position paper this time in ENG 1020 will be on sensuality in Television, not just violence, but sex, language and the sort. Now, I’m not against them, but it’s just a topic with a lot of meat on the bones, and I think it’ll be an easy paper for me to do.

Off to bed… ciao.