Things with me and Greg are going, well, let’s say better than hoped for. I was out and around on Saturday and had forgot to tell Greg where I was going. He freaked (as I would given the tables were turned) and came to the realization that he must really love me, and said so to me. I was flat out floored and felt all warm inside. It’s been a long long time since someone told me they loved me and meant it. This guy means a lot to me folks, I think that this is the one I’ve been waiting for for so long.

On other fronts, only three weeks of class left until the end of the semester. I’m taking a four week break, then doing my summer classes as previously discussed in the last entry.

Thinking of trying to take a trip to Atlanta again sometime soon, I loved being down there and would love to go around the city myself for a day, possibly even take in a Braves game. (Not that I like the Braves or anything, just never been to a MLB game). In researching ticket prices, I’m willing to pay $15 for a second level seat, but no more than that for one game.

Off to class I go! 🙂

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  1. The last time (and the only time) I went to a Braves game was back in ’97, so things have changed since then……..but it was a great experience (despite the Braves losing to the San Deigo Padres). I think you’ll like it, especially if it’s your first MLB game. 😉

    Surprisingly, didn’t take that long to get there, even in the traffic (2 hours tops for me coming from Jasper, GA [about 80-100 miles north of Atlanta] — I was figuring 3-4 with all of the traffic in Atlanta for the game). We quickly found a paid parking lot (lucky for us, we got a paid gravel lot not too far away from Turner Field), got out, got into the stadium, got a few refreshments (if you’re gonna eat/drink there, you’d better bring the nearest bank with ya, it’s expensive :-P), got into our upper deck seats……and we enjoyed the game (we also went around the place, looking at everything).

    It’s pretty neat, though. Glad to hear everything’s ok with ya’ll. 🙂

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