Guess I Should Update this thing…

Well, the semester will be over next week. Everything is looking good. Unless I do some dastardly deed, I’ve more or less got a A or B in Elem. Algebra. I’ve probably (more or less) got a B in Survey of Broadcasting. I think I’ll end up with a C in Public Speaking, mainly because of my laziness to get to a 9:20 class after my hellacious job.

Speaking of which, as of last night a midnight, I am no longer an employee of Citigroup. I chose to leave the company after two years. And let me tell you, it’s a load off of my shoulders. I am going to rest for a little bit and then find part time work of a less stressful nature closer to campus. Everyone supported me leaving, and I did not leave on bad terms. I would prefer it that way (especially so I can use them as a possible job reference in the future).

And did I mention that I can’t wait for Sunday night on Fox? Family Guy is back! Saw the sets on sale at Best Buy today for $32.99 with a T-Shirt. I like Stewie’s message on one of them, “We’re Back, wait ’til they hear my salary demands.”

Be sure that you’re tuned in to watch “North by North Quahog” on Sunday! 😀

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  1. Some of us have already seen North by North Quahog. 😉 I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. The opening segment (pre-opening theme) is proof why Seth McFarlane is a genius.

    To those who inquire, it’s not available. It’s 280+ MB in size. As much as I’d like to share the FG love, I might not be online much this weekend.

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