Well, finals went very well, I have no fear that I have done well in all my classes. Grades will probably be at the beginning of next week.

I should have pointed out before that I’m taking the Non-Calculus version of Prob & Stats, so I don’t think my developmental algebra will need to be required before that.

Would have posted earlier today, but the campus network here in my apts. has been down for the last 24 hours, but mysteriously up everywhere else on campus. Odd.

Me and Greg have two front row seats to watch the Asheville Tourists play the Hagerstown Suns this Saturday night, first pitch scheduled for 7:00 PM and the weather looks to be spectacular. Also got tickets for the 4:25 PM showing of Star Wars Ep. III on 5/19/05 in Bristol. I’m glad I got an advance ticket to a good theather with good sound, unlike the Carmike here in Johnson City which has awful, and I mean AWFUL sound quality. I have never been that overly impressed with the quality of Carmike theaters in general.

Greg did cook me some of his non-spicy spanish rice tonight, good eating indeed. He really knows how to take care of a fat guy, hehe 🙂 But seriously, I do need to be more active in my downtime before the next job rolls around.

More to come later…