Got a call from university advisement today. Apparently I can’t take a 1000 level Math in summer before I finish that damn Intermediate Algebra in the fall. So, I switched that for a history class, “US to 1877”. Oh well, at least by end of fall, I’ll have both history requirements in my core out of the way.

Went to the Region 1 Semifinal tonight, Morristown East at Science Hill, and I tried an experiment. Using a handheld cassette recorder purchased from Radio Shack (price: $29.99), I did my own play by play as if I was on the radio. Now, this is an experiment. Fortunately, no fans looked at me as if I was weird. And I had a hoot. Maybe I’ll post samples sometime.

BTW, Science Hill won 6-5 in a thriller. My voice raised a few octaves in intensity several times throughout the game. I’m not an emotional play by play guy, but I’m enthusiastic, that’s for damn sure. 🙂