Star Wars thoughts… (and misc.)

I went into the theater on Thursday already expecting to see a good film, but what I saw up on the screen was something the completely blew me away. Lucas took the shackles off and finally just let it all go full force in this last film, and I respect the man for that. Never have I seen such pure and raw emotion from a film in recent memory. The scenes in the last 15 minutes of the movie literally tore me to pieces, I was crying.

Yes, you read that right folks, I was crying. At a Star Wars movie.

While I’m over that now, for a film to solicit that reaction is very unbelievable, and just shows that if you play something right, put it together the right way, and tell the story just damn good, it works. In this case it did. I highly recommend to each and every one of you, even if you’re not a Star Wars fan, to go see Episode III. I still don’t rank it above the original from ’77, but it’s clearly #2 or #3 of the six films.


In other news, went for a job interview yesterday at a placed called Dial America. What they do there is call people seeing if they want to renew their magazine subscriptions, offering a discounted rate sometimes. It’s part time work, Mon-Fri 5:00 to 10:30, about 27 or so hours a week, so I think this won’t intrude on my studies too much. At least I’ll have the weekends to myself to spend with Greg or do homework. I’m going back for a second interview this morning at 11:30, which is odd to do on a Saturday, but the person yesterday said that she does like me, and wants to get me in possibly to a training class that starts on Monday. So that’s all good. Even better is that they pay every week on Wednesday, so no more waiting two or more weeks in between paychecks.

I’m still treating this as a job for now, but it’ll do. I won’t make the mistake of “that place” and get way too entusiastic about it, I’ll just show up, be nice, and do my job the best that I can, which is all I think that anyone could ask.

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  1. I went to see it today for the second time, and that lump in my throat was even bigger the SECOND time than it was the first….Particularly when Obi-Wan says “You were the chosen one!!! You were my brother….I loved you”, when Padme names the twins; her funeral procession; and when Leia is given to the Organas. The most powerful scene, naturally, is the final one, when Luke is given to his aunt and uncle…

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