Well, my Radio/TV Writing class starts next Monday. Looking forward to it, as this is a tool that will figure prominently in my career, whatever might happen.

Finally got over the strep throat, back to normal, working my life away. Did I mention that I don’t like my job already? Let’s just say that I think a mandate should be ensued in this country that if you like something, you’ll call and renew it, don’t call them. I know how poor people feel. But, as long as it pays my bills till I get my car paid off, I can find something else. What else am I gonna do….

Things with me and Greg are fine as always…

Haven’t heard from my family in quite a while, but then again, I don’t want to involve myself in that drama, only will keep tabs on my brother and his wife getting ready to have their son in August. Can’t wait to meet my nephew 😛


And yes Mike, I’m watching a 1980 Cleveland Browns highlight film, the team otherwise known as the “Kardiac Kids”. What a season that was, culminating in a -36 below zero wind chill playoff game in old Muincipal Stadium with Oakland. The quarterback that year was Brian Sipe… looks like he was on the backend of his career… but alas, faded into retirement.

Toodles for now…

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  1. …culminating in a -36 below zero wind chill playoff game in old Muincipal Stadium with Oakland.

    Red Right 88. And now I shall pummel you for mentioning it.

    That was a good team–Sipe, the Pruitt boys at running back (Greg and Mike, no relation, I don’t believe), Reggie Rucker at WR, a young Ozzie Newsome at TE, Doug Dieken anchoring the line… I don’t recall the defensive players outside of Clay Matthews and possibly Lyle Alzado.

    Sipe was the starter for 3 more years, followed by Paul McDonald (who?) in 1984. Finally, our native son, Bernie Kosar, was drafted by the Browns in the 1985 supplemental draft. The rest is history.

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