I guess I need to update since it’s been eleven days, lol…. how the time flies.

I have started a new project, me and Greg are out taping the oddities and interesting stuff in locals across the area, catering to the travel crowd and to the roadgeeking establishment, it’ll be a series of 10-15 minute spots, called “Road Trip to Nowhere”, and we’re in the process of gathering two shows worth of material. You all will finally get to see me doing some field reporting, complete with microphone in hand. It’s been turning out pretty neat so far, you all will like it once it gets done.

And speaking of which, I’ve already used up 73% of my bandwidth this month on my website… uh-oh… robertsearcy, I think we may need to have a chat about those hosting plans again…

The writing class is going good, I’m slowly finding my way to be a good writer, but then again, everyone must go this route. Nobody is born a good writer.

Well, off to bed, and I’ll try to update more frequently this week.