Thursday Thoughts

Well, I’ve been raiding the tape library a lot more lately and found more interesting stuff.

(Disclaimer: The following will only make sense to local people on my list, if any)…

I found several tapes of a WSJK (Ch. 2, PBS, Sneedville) show called Omni, just a show with news, culture, sports stories from around our region, with hosts wrapping those together with introductions. Among those hosts of the past is one Kenny Hawkins, current sports director at WJHL 11 (CBS), complete with the standard 80’s Jerry Curl! I don’t usually laugh at hairdos of the era, but it just looked plain weird!

Also found a 1994 tape of a campus show called Spectrum that dealt with the lores of ghosts in the buildings here on campus. Fascinating material indeed…

BTW, any dramatic shows I have watched have the worst acting I have ever seen. Even if you’re supposed to have it resemble a professional production, and you’re limited by who you can have in the way of talent, still I think one could find better actors for their project. But, however, it will always be a universal constant that you will find horrible actors/actresses for a college prodcution… especially if you choose to do a soap opera.


The first edit of the first show of our personal project is complete, and it just felt way too short. So, we expand to a half-hour and have to shoot more material (ugh) tomorrow. We’re learning the hard way on how to do this, that’s for sure.

Gotta go take a midterm, ugh. See yas later.