Dreams of Camping

This is scary, hehe…

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Preferred underwear type?
Camper, tent, or under the stars?
How pale/sensitive is your skin?
Would you consider yourself a sexually active person?
Would you eat human flesh to survive?
Do you have a hidden psychotic rage in you, waiting to leap out?
Will try to use poison Ivy for a condom: jw_justice
Will leave all of the food out, after passing out, leading to a vicious bear attack, killing 8: goldenbrahman
Will hide in the bushes and take pictures of everyone going to the bathroom: cacla8383
Only came along to get laid: hmtriplecrown
Gets sick on Burger King and nearly shits themself. carboncpy
Gets tied up by all the other campers and is gagged johnissoevil
Was the only one smart enough to bring water purification tabs hmtriplecrown
Secretly plans to kill everyone with a concealed handgun stolen from their mother tomalhe
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