The Week

Well, not much to say as I finally get around to updating. Getting ready for class next week, have to get a stupid wavier from financial aid because I don’t have enough loan money in yet to cover all but $360 of my costs. So help me God, I don’t want to get purged.

This might sound rather interesting, but I’m going to watch my alma mater in high school football action on Friday. It’s the 11th Battle of the Boot, Lee High vs. Powell Valley. To those of you in the region on my list that at least have a pulse, I don’t think there’s any way my old school can win, given they’ve went 1-9 each of the last two seasons (2-18 total). But, I just wanted to say I went back to my roots at least once this year before I focus solely on the local Northeast TN teams.

Well, not much more for now, see ya!