EDIT: If you’re looking for the NFL Week 1 leaderboard, check my last entry in this journal, peace out!

Well folks, what can I say about NFL Week 1, except that I should have picked Indy… why why did I pick the Ravens, aaaugh.

OK, enough crying.

Week is going good… I got my car paid off!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!

In other news, a new newscast debuted here in the Tri-Cities market last night, the FOX 39 News at 10… First on Fox, of course, is their slogan.  It’s just basically regurgitated material from WCYB, including a few of the personnel as well. Only new face was the anchor.  Interesting camera work on the show, however, lots of trucks with the camera, smoothly done at that, gotta give them an E for effort.  But, it’ll get better over time with the reporting.  If you’re going to be different, go all the way, don’t just stop at camera work!

Have been dubbing some old vinyl into mp3 (I know, it’s analog to digital), Greg’s turntable plays 8% too fast, so I’m having to use Cool Edit to slow the suckers down to proper speed. Have been dubbing an original LP of the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, and the stuff sounds great for the most part, you have that usual used vinyl noise in there… I probably won’t find a pristine copy anywhere, probably thousands of used ones.  Did get a copy of the soundtrack for “The Neverending Story”, but there are skips on the first selections on each side, grrrrrr….. that just plain sucks.  Even moreso is that the sleeve appears to have a promotional stamp on it too.  Interesting, indeed.

This is one of my longest entries in a while, damn. 🙂

To bed I go, toodles.

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  1. So what if it’s analog to digital? It’s preservation!

    And good boy with Cool Edit. Great software for a freebie. Does a good job of taking the pops out of records too.

    1. Hey, in my case, better to learn Cool Edit now, because that’s what the industry uses, and that’s what the radio station here on campus usea as well 🙂

      And I love that old analog sound, but wonder if the digital representation is a true reflection of that great old analog sound… I guess it’s close enough, I’m not going to open this can of worms for a debate 😛

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