Sorry for the delay, but I have the Pickin’ Panel updated… I might need to create a separate group for news on that… I’ll let you guys know.

BTW, modor, I forgot to reply to you, my apologies. If you want to jump in the game… go ahead. It’s unofficial unless someone starts wanting to claim territory of something 😀

BTW, I’ve drafted a tiebreaking procedure over there, I’ve not applied it to the standings themselves yet, just wanted you guys to read it and see if you have any problems with it. Remember, it’s still just unofficial, but I just need to know I’m being fair with it.

In other news… been getting my bearings on dubbing material in the studio down campus, it’s a cinch for me. Now, to learn Media 100, mwahaha (it’s only a matter of time before the editing beast inside me really gets unleashed!)

Not much more for now, so there. 🙂