NFL Picks for Week #3 (25 September)

Early Games
Atlanta at Buffalo
Cincinnati at Chicago
Tampa Bay at Green Bay (Farve is in his waining days, that’s for sure)
Cleveland at Indianapolis (Sorry Mike)
Carolina at Miami
New Orleans at Minnesota (the Vikings are turning into scrimmage fodder)
Jacksonville at New York Jets
Oakland at Philadelphia
at St. Louis (For once, I pick the team I don’t root for, even though I’m in the same state)

Late Games
Dallas at San Francisco
Arizona at Seattle
New England at Pittsburgh (Sorry Chuck)

New York Giants at San Diego (The Chargers have played below my expectations, can’t go with them now)

Monday Night

Kansas City at Denver (KC is for real folks)

BTW, I’ve heard no comments on the tiebreaker procedure on the Pickin’ Panel page.  Let me know what you guys think 🙂