Videos Abound

Got a new vintage VHS in today, Doctor Who- “The War Games”, the ten part finale of Patrick Troughton’s reign as the Doctor from 1969. Watching Episode Three right now, it’s a very interesting story. It’s also the last Doctor Who produced in black and white. This aired in June 1969, just weeks before BBC1 began their color broadcasting permanently.

Not much to report other than that, except that I’m looking forward to Video/Film Techniques as always tomorrow morning, especially to see my guy too (in class and after class that is).

Also going to pick up the new Family Guy DVD tomorrow too, “Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story”. I’m sure several of you reading out there plan to get this too. I’ll be sure to post my thoughts and I expect to hear yours as well.

Alas, off to bed, tata.

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  1. Yay for Dr Who and Family Guy! War Games is a little padded (well a lot padded) in parts but it has some great 2nd Doctor moments and introduces the Time Lords and all that good stuff!

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