Moron Alert!!!

I have been subjected to a moron’s wrath concerning message. Not here, but via e-mail. And it’s nothing to do with Harvey, but it might as well be…

…Darryl Heine. Yes Mike K., stop hyperventilating, yes hiim.

What spurned this was a message on that got bumped in the “Out in Left Field” section when I inquired about 1970s PBS kids shows and if anyone knew of tape traders that have them.

Now, the jerk must have gotten my E-Mail address from my profile (which I do list publicly, although I need to change it to something less personal I guess, I don’t want my Z account here on campus everywhere I suppose, anyway…)

Here is the message:

“Nicholas: Glad you remember 1970’s PBS kids shows “Thinkabout” and “Inside/Out”. Do you also remember at the same 1970’s time “Sesame Street”, “Mr. Rogers”, “Electric Company”, “Zoom”, and “Villa Agerie”? Today PBS Kids has “Clifford”, “Dragon Tales”, “Sagwa”, “Barney and Friends”, “Big Comfy Couch”, “Teletubbies”, “Boobah”, and “Arthur”.
Darryl Heine
Inverness, IL

First of all, did I want to know what’s on today? Second, the post only referred to “Thinkabout” and “Inside Out”, and not all that other stuff, especially not today’s stuff. Lastly, I just plain dislike him.

To which, I sent a simple, calm-as-can-be reply…

“Leave me alone.


And then I appropriately put him on the Junk E-Mail list on Outlook.

I know I’m not the first to deal with him. But the moral of this story is, do idiots ever learn? Guess not when you’re more than 30 frickin’ years old (judging by his screenname) and don’t have a clue as to how to be civil and just a tad bit intelligent! Geez!

That’s enough ranting for now.

6 Replies to “Moron Alert!!!”

  1. It was merely a bad word to use.

    Still, however, I just don’t like to have someone just randomly E-Mail me a question of that sort asking “Do I remember X, Y and Z”. I responded to him politely, I didn’t demean him.

    I may have used the word because of some crazy antics he did in fact do on (as Aaron said in a comment above), but I’m not THAT afraid of the guy.

    So, in a sense, yes, maybe I did overreact, but it makes for a good journal entry now dosen’t it?

  2. As much as I dislike the man, I must admit his behavior and such fascinates me.

    This was a man who got banned from G-R for 30 days because he would not stop complaining about the outdated grocery products packaging on TPiR (to which he hides his eyes to as well).

    I joined Witchiepoo’s group to see his stupid posts, and flame him from time to time. The one time I agreed with him, he sent me an e-card. He is one fucked up individual. And I can’t escape him – he seems to be on every single TV-related bulletin board I’ve ever come across.

  3. At least Mr. Hind End hasn’t done some of the stupid shit other morons have done, like wish for someone’s death (Aaron Handy III), being totally oblivious to any criticisms (Brian Henke), or act like a total fucking buffoon for gosh knows what reason (Witchiepoo).

    Hind End is on Chartier’s board and not Invision, as far as I know. Let’s hope he stays there. 😀

    1. Whose death did Handy wish for?

      As for Henke, he lost all respect with that Peter Jennings shit he pulled, then did the same thing with the Katrina special. Fuck him.

      1. Whose death did Handy wish for?

        Randy Amasia’s, about 5 days before Randy passed on. Aaron posted it on the old message board. Without a moment’s hesitation, the webmaster banned Aaron from the board.

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