Tuesday Tuesday

Not much to say. Picked up a DVD at a gimme price today. Wal-Fart, yes, them, had Dark Shadows Collection 1 for $29.99. That’s right, $29.99. Only problem is that Greg has heard through the rumor mill that they haven’t ever offered anything but Collection #1. Blah.

Had a History 2020 exam yesterday, and I think I done good, at least 85 (I hope).

EDIT: Got a 76, oh well. :-\

BTW, I’m back on the air on “The Edge”, Mondays from 2-4. This development has prompted me to change my DJ name. So, henceforth I shall be know as …… DJ Stuart, in honor of my favorite character, Stewie (who else?)

Not much more for now. Off to bed. Later.