Sunday Morning without Charles Kuralt

First of all, new icon, and I know that xanfan will get it right off the bat, but I hope everyone does 😛

Next, what’s going on with obeyjustin? I tried to go to his page and got an error. I hope he’s OK. sport6449, I hope his family is not trying to overtake him.

Additionally, Happy Birthday to starwheel!

Had a great weekend. Sat out in the rain at Morristown on Friday night to watch some high school football in which Class 4A Region 2 was possibly decided for this year. Morristown West 35, Daniel Boone 19. Nothing like a good game in the slop, hehe.

A question to those of you who have attended a NFL game, what are the costs like? I have thought about trying to go to one sometime in the future and wondered what I’d be looking at.

Not much more for now, catch the updates later today on .

Bon appetit.

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  1. NFL game costs: first, the ticket(s). I can’t help there; I never paid to go to games (got tickets through suppliers when I lived in New York about once or twice a year). Go to an official site or to see how much they’ll really be.

    Parking fees (parking passes came with the tickets).

    Food: if possible, tailgate. If not possible, prepare for the food to be horrible, since most people do tailgate.

    Drink: overpriced. I would say $4 for a soda, $6-$7 for a beer.

    Other stuff: all of which you don’t need. Team stuff can be purchased much less expensively away from the stadium. Unless you absolutely need a memory of the game, you don’t need a program.

  2. Why I do believe that’s from The Simpsons. 🙂 I was trying to figure that out the other day for someone, but I always got it backwards. lol.

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