High School Football Hi-Jinx

So, me and Greg were planning to go watch a pivotal Class 1A game on what we thought was this Friday. We planned on it last Saturday.

Move forward to just a few minutes ago when I’m reading an online article in the Johnson City Press, I found the following phrase that caught my eye…

“With the exception of three games, all Week 10 area football contests will be played Thursday night to take advantage of schools being out of session Friday.”

(Cue Peter Griffin after the female sensitivity camp) OH… MY… GOD….

Is that not a shit reason or what? I mean, to play a game a day early just to take advantage of a fucking gold nugget in a schedule? Hello? Some people in the same area ARE playing on Friday night anyway. Add to that some of us fans who have to do homework and student work on Thursday night who can’t make it to the game on Thursday night. UGH!!!! This is why I hate this podunk region that I live in sometimes, it’s all about shit on everyone else.

Maybe I sound a tad bitter, lol.

Enough of this. (Gets off soapbox)