F***ing Rude Class

Do you know what really grinds my gears? People talking in class with no care for anyone who may actually care about the class.

History of Jazz this morning was almost the “straw that broke the camel’s back” in terms of what I have had to put up with from so-called “classmates”.

First, some backstory… (weird wavy dream sequence-esque transition)

For weeks in this class whenever the professor, who btw can be rather soft-spoken sometimes, but is clear more often than not, would lecture or play a track as an example, there is audible chatter going on in the upper rows of the lecture hall. Yes, this class is in a recital/lecture hall. The teacher at least twice that I can remember has told people that the talking is becoming a problem and the miscreants have continued to break the edicts of the teacher.

(wavy transition back to present)

So, this morning I show up to class, and a little bit later said professor’s student worker showed up. We were slated to watch a film on Miles Davis today. She said that he was sick and she would play the film for us. She then proceeds to have everyone sign the roll for the class. After this, the talking becomes more of a problem than I ever have known it to be. Then, as it would come as no shock to anyone, most of the people that showed up proceed to leave. Another classmate suggests to the student worker that it’s not quite fair that they left and they should get the same credit as everyone else. So (as the student worker told me after class upon me bringing up my concerns on this issue) she check with the office downstairs, and she got the go-ahead to pass around another sheet that those of us who stayed to watch the film signed to get granted some extra credit for actually being there. I think that is the most fair thing that could have been done considering the situation.

Now, to my opinion on these so-called “classmates.” I hate them, I despise them. Obviously, they don’t care enough about the class to actually shut up during class while the teacher is talking. Shut up or get out! It’s that simple.

I don’t know whether or not to talk to the professor about it again. I don’t think that I have to, I think the student worker of his will bring it up nonetheless with the extra credit being grated. I paid for the class, I should be able to enjoy the class and any class that I take without detraction from dumb juveniles that see fit to do no better than to socialize. What a sad society it will be when these kinds of people take over leadership roles in society. I know a person like me won’t make it with them in charge. I guess I just have to make sure that I’m in charge, lol. (Me? In charge of anything? Now I’m dreaming, hehe.)

That is all (gets off soapbox).

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  1. Most freshman-level classes are like that. I was in a History of Rock and Soul class three years ago, very similar to the course you’re in now. This class is always held in an auditorium inside the main classroom building, the only room in the center of campus which can hold 300 students comfortably. I used to sit in the upper area, as I was occasionally late to class, and because the acoustics in the auditorium were so nice that I could hear the prof from the nosebleed seats.

    The students will get what they deserve. If they’re noisy, never in class, or never follow directions, they’ll get an F. It’s on Mommy and Daddy’s bill. Us *ahem* old farts (;-)) are paying for the college experience out of our own pockets. We *have* something to lose by not getting a decent grade or enjoying the experience. Wait till these kids take classes in their major(s) and minor(s). None of that crap will be tolerated in a junior or senior-level course.

    1. Right on. Not a day goes by that I’m not enjoying finally being able to do what I always have dreamed of doing, albeit in my own way, lol. I always have assumed the same about “Mommy and Daddy’s Bill” whenever I see the same type of students strutting around campus in their SUV or BMW or whatever the hell bling they can get. God, it just irritates me to know that they have no idea of what it’s like to fight and scratch for every little thing like you, me and most other people on our respective friends lists here on LJ.

      Us *ahem* old farts (;-)) are paying for the college experience out of our own pockets.

      Now you made me feel that much older. 26 is drawing ever nearer to me (13 days away).

      1. Now you made me feel that much older. 26 is drawing ever nearer to me (13 days away).

        My sister’s 26. I went back to college at 27. Feel younger? 😛

        1. Thank goodness I’m out of college after realizing that the Computer Programming major was kind of out of my league before the start of the year 2004. I’ve never had a problem with the students on the classes that I’ve attended over at Lake Superior Collect. And I’m turning 22 today, if anyone cares.

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