Oh, What a Friday :-)

Well, got to History of Jazz on Friday, and the professor said he was very disappointed by what happened on Wednesday, and rightfull so. Enough said there.

Me and Greg went down to Knoxville to finally get a chance to see the George Clooney film about Edward R. Murrow’s stance against Senator Joseph McCarthy, “Good Night and Good Luck”. This was a very interesting film on many levels, I was just taken aback at how serious of a journalist that Murrow is, further adding to how much I admire his style and character of reporting the news. If you would have to admire anyone, it should always be him. This film is also a great study of how stupid McCarthy really was during this era, as history shows, Murrow didn’t do him in, McCarthy did himself in and Murrow simply reported the facts as they stood.

If you get a chance, go see this film, I think you really will enjoy it.

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  1. Dying to see this movie — it just started playing here this weekend. Don’t know when we can get away, though.

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