What a Weekend

Last weekend is that one out of 50-or-so weekends in the year that gives me hell: allergy time. At least I think it was my allergies. Here is the progression of this:

Friday Afternoon: Starting feeling a tickle in my throat and cough slighly. Prepared for the worst knowing this is the onset of something.

Friday Night: Full blown cough, then felt cold all over and had to get under the blankets with sweatpants on.

Saturday Afternoon: Prior to Greg coming over, I could not stand to be out of the bed, I was mondo-cold. He comes over, then we go out to find medicine. He even gets my apple juice and a digital thermometer (hey, he *really* knows how to take care of his guy). My temperature: 98.3, normal.

Saturday Night: Start feeling chilled again and had a busting headache. Laid down under covers and Greg took my temperature again. 100.2, I broke a big fever. How did I have that bad of a swing in few hours? Baffled me.

Sunday Morning: Woke up, no fever. I felt normal, but still had a very bad cough and the sniffles.

Sunday Night: Same as above.

Monday: Just a cough and some sneezing. Yeah, I’ve definately hit the allergy portion now with the cold good and settled in in the area.

Hopefully I’ll be over this is a few days, preferably before Thursday. My NFL turkey day picks will be up on Wednesday.

BTW: Regarding the previous mention of the comment issue, disregard that. I have the solution. click THIS link, and follow the prompts to become a full fledged member of the community. Then we can all be happy. 🙂

The higher elevations along the TN/NC border (above 2500 ft.) are seeing the first snow of the season, with snow possibilites (or at least a slushy mix) being bandied about for tomorrow in the lower elevations. Gotta love that weather!


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