Dead Week Ahoy

So, next week is what is traditionally called dead week, but it’s not dead at all, in fact, it will be just as bad as most weeks in the semester. But don’t anyone worry, I have everything under control. Looks like for finals week (starting 12/12), I’ll have one exam on Monday afternoon (History 2020), two on Wednesday (History of Jazz and Intermediate Algebra), and one Thursday morning (Video/Film Techniques, which isn’t really an exam, just the critique day for our final project- the music video). Intro to Mass Comm. is an online exam, so we don’t have to meet in the classroom. I’ll be glad to be rid of that Intro class, 8:15 is way too early for me at this point in time.

Going to a Jazz concert tonight here on campus, it’s required for class, but I want to go even if it wasn’t required. I’ll post thoughts on it tonight. Picks are coming tomorrow.