nicholasm23 Presents: My Video/Film Projects To Date…

Well, I submit my labors of love for the last couple of months to you for your opinon. This project was called “Sinister Eyes”, and I’ll just let the pictures do the storytelling (as they’re supposed to).

EDIT: If anyone would like either version, just message me, links removed for housekeeping purposes.

Both of the above got a 98. Woohoo!

The music video will be done next week, and it looks to be a good one so far. Fresh and classy at that. I’ll post that when I get it done and encoded.

Let me know what you guys think…

Oh, and btw, here are my Week 14 NFL Picks

Chicago at Pittsburgh
Cleveland at Cincinnati
Houston at Tennessee
Indianapolis at Jacksonville
New England at Buffalo
Oakland at NY Jets
St. Louis at Minnesota
Tampa Bay at Carolina
NY Giants at Philadelphia
San Francisco at Seattle
Washington at Arizona
Baltimore at Denver
Kansas City at Dallas
Miami at San Diego
Detroit at Green Bay
New Orleans at Atlanta