Finals, UGH!

Well, most of my finals are over and done with, at least the bumpy ones in the road anyway.

Monday- History 2020, just Part III only, I think I got no less than a C (it’s the best I could do)

Tuesday- Finished music video edit, turned out wonderful, turned that in. Took Intro to Mass Comm. online exam, and was further proven the teacher is on crack and can’t write halfway decent questions. I have a C in that course, and I think it should have been a B, but based on people’s past experience in dealing with the man, it’s just not worth it to try and fight it. People have even tried to go to the chair over him and have been unsuccessful. If that dosen’t discourage me, then nothing will.

Wednesday- First took History of Jazz Test #4, with a smattering of comprehensive stuff, I should get a B. Then, Intermediate Algebra, 33 easy questions, I know for sure I got an A on that, and an A for that course (look out Prob. and Stats!!!)

Thursday- Critique of all the music videos and turn in production reports. After that, my semester is over!!!!

It’s been a fun ride this semester, hopefully I won’t be in a classroom full of talking, blithering idiots again (History of Jazz anyone?)

Toodles for now…

PS, and Carl, if you didn’t see it on , I said “Ahem, Carl, you fell to 4th place” 😛 (ducks obvious flame)