Reflecting on the year…

Stolen from many others… Go thru your archives, and find the first post from each month, then copy the
first sentence.

January: Well, the last two days have been quite crazy folks.

February: So, I happened to start talking to a fellow broadcasting major here at ETSU
named Greg, turns out he found me through the Invision board (which most of you
on my friends list are familiar with).

March: Happy 30th to my tried and true friend lo these many years… a very belated
happy birthday to hmtriplecrown. (Mike, put down that object…)

April: I love my new TV Card, you don’t know how long I’ve longed for this

May: Well, finals went very well, I have no fear that I have done well in all my

June: Well, my Radio/TV Writing class starts next Monday.

July: This is scary, hehe….

August: Nothing much to say lately.

September: As I’ve watched the images of the devastation along the gulf unfold over the
last few days, I’m left with one lasting impression. (This was the beginning of thoughts of the NO disaster, what a shame that was for the country)

October: First entry was NFL Week 4 picks, not really an intro sentence there.

November: Do you know what really grinds my gears? People talking in class with no care
for anyone who may actually care about the class.

December: So, next week is what is traditionally called dead week, but it’s not dead at
all, in fact, it will be just as bad as most weeks in the semester.

And there you have that!