2005 Thoughts

Since the year is about 11 days from being over, and usually nothing of relevance happens over the holidays for me, I thought I’d review what is one of the best years of my life.

To start with, I was in an unhappy job but looking forward to starting college again, and I had fun during that spring semester. Before it ended, I decided to leave my job to focus more on my studies, which has turned out to be a great move so far.

This is all blown away by meeting the love of my life in late February, and we officially became a couple on March 25th (write that date down in history, folks, hehe). I must say in the here and now that certain people advised me against seeing this person, but I trust myself and I know I made the right decision, Greg is a really sweet and affectionate person, and I hope that nobody hates me for being with him. I have no qualms against anyone at all.

The summer was an interesting time, finally getting around to see some of the sights of the area, roadgeeking a bit, enjoying the nature and mountains… that is until the gas prices started to go up and forced me to stay at home. Oh well, lol.

The autumn was full of football excitement, especially on the high school level, doing commentary on some games while Greg was the videographer, just an amateurish effort, but a good start at getting my feet wet as to what it’s like to be a broadcaster. It takes a lot more to BE a broadcaster in this day and age, I know, but I’m learning.

And these last few weeks have been up and down. The woes of the end of semester, coupled with the joys of being with my family and meeting my nephew Casey Lee Mooneyhan II for the first time was a great joy. I am going to be with my family again on Christmas Day, and hopefully my brother, the misses and my nephew will be there too.

For new year’s, I plan to be with Greg at his place to ring in the new year.

2005, what a year. Makes me wonder what 2006 will be like. I can only hope for the best!