Post X-Mas Cheer and NFL Week 17

Well, not much to say on these few days after Christmas leading up to the new year, been spending most of the week over at Greg’s place, which is where I will be ringing in the new year, watching ABC no doubt to see how Dick Clark is doing. I think he’ll be OK, it’ll be great to have him back in the swing of things on ABC.

Here we go with the last week of NFL regular season play…

Denver at San Diego
N.Y. Giants at Oakland
Arizona at Indianapolis
Baltimore at Cleveland
Buffalo at NY Jets
Carolina at Atlanta
Cincinnati at Kansas City
Detroit at Pittsburgh
Miami at New England
New Orleans at Tampa Bay
Seattle at Green Bay
Houston at San Francisco
Tennessee at Jacksonville
Chicago at Minnesota
Washington at Philadelphia
St. Louis at Dallas

And that’ll do it for now! Happy New Year if I don’t get a chance to say so again, and congrats to elmofrog on landing her position here in JC. Way to go!