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Week 17 and the regular season has ended. Eric Duncan is the leader and the champ of the regular season. I wish I had a trophy to give out, but, and Eric, I think you’re in my boat on this, I’m a broke college student too, lol.

I’m going to be picking in the playoffs and I hope you all will be too. Thanks for participating for those of you who choose not to pick in the playoffs (if there are any).

Now, nobody is required to pick in the playoffs, but if you do, please exercise the tiebreaking procedure. Very simply, try to predict what the total points scored between the two teams will be. Details and such on how the tie is broken is over at the standings page.

If you think there was an error with your record, I’m going to re-verify all the standings later on tonight (I’ve already checked Curt’s and corrected a discrepancy), just to make double sure I have everyone’s records correct. If you think there is an error, please email me at

Thanks for a great regular season!