Weird Signs

I saw a couple of weird signs over the last month, and while I didn’t get pictures of them, trust me in when I tell you that it is indeed real.

The first one I saw around New Year’s at a video store here in JC (Movie Starz on North Roan, for those of you local folk here) advertising their new releases to the effect of…

Now Available
The Exorcism of
Emily Rose and
Four Brothers

Looks like they added a lot of exorcisms to that film, (groan).

Now, the second one I saw was last Saturday on Greg and I’s jaunt down US 321 in Blount County. This was on a gas station near Scenic TN 73.

Eat Here
Get Gas

Whoa! Does that mean stay away from the chili? That’s what I thought at the time I saw that.

Damn, I wish I had pictures of these, they’re too good, but oh well, hehe.

Tata for now.