So, how did my first week of class go…. here’s the lowdown.

Radio Production: Back on “The Edge” this semseter, but now have to do a 2-minute news update and a 2-minute sports update every week. At least the sports can be anything collegiate, not just ETSU. I think I can swing this.

Social Problems: A surprise hit me when I got to this class, it’s geared towards women’s studies. I find this to be an intriguing challenge, so I’ll go with it. It’s writing intensive, so I’ll have a paper and some essays. Joy.

Values and Society: Ahhh, philosophy. Writing intensive. More papers. Joy. But I’ll be OK.

Prob/Stats (Non-calculus): Mike, if things get hairy, you may be hearing from me (just kidding!) 🙂

Broadcast Performance: I’m gonna really like this class. Get the knack of being on-camera. I need to experience this. 🙂

I think I’m going to enjoy having Fridays off.

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    1. I hope I don’t have to, makes me feel better if I can learn it on my own. But… if I know I need help, I won’t hesitate to ask.

    1. I assume you have taught this class in the past because with your current job there is no way you can teach it now 😛

      (Puts dunce cap on head appropriately)

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