Okay, so I guess I should explain in earnest what happened to me a week ago last Friday.

I got up at 7:00 AM to go down to the station for my 8:00-10:00 radio shift. I fall asleep here at the computer, then wake up and see it’s 7:42, and I have 3 minutes to catch my bus. So, I rush like the dickens to get my clothes on, and I get out the door, get down the stairs. After I come off the stairs, I take no more than two steps before I trip, fall and roll over into a very peculiar position on my left side. I feel a slight pain in my left side from then on all day. Over the next few days, it gets worse and worse. Last Thursday, it was so bad I had to have Greg take me to work and stay with me until I got off shift so he could bring me home.

Today’s the best I’ve felt in the last eleven days. I should be fine by the middle to the end of the week.

For those of you weather fans out there: I got roughly 3-4″ of the good stuff, Northeast TN’s first good snowfall in almost two years. It’s great to see it, but we’re supposed to be hitting the 60 mark again by Wednesday or Thursday, ack, what a weird weather pattern it’s been for months now!

Toodles for now…