You know what really grinds my gears…

People who disregard set rules.

There is this guy, who shall remain nameless, who has been buidling up quite a reputation in my book for quite a while, and I’ve just had it with him.

Last semester, he got fired from the campus radio station for saying questionable things on the air. Also, he came up to me one night while I was working in the TV station. He came up to me and suggested that I go on a TV show where I fake people out (so to speak), such as acting like I’m on the phone with a Doctor, then telling people that they have six months to live, and then laughing at them saying “I fooled you.” Then I told him that my dad had suffered for several months before he died of cancer, after which all he could say was “I’m sorry.” Guh.

Anyway, fast forward to today, he made comments on the air (I could hear this via a feed on the hall speakers) to the effect of “It’s black history month, and I’m looking for all of those chocolate colored ladies to call the request line, I’d like to come there and make a chocolate-vanilla swirl with you.”

That does it. I kind of mentioned this incident to a teacher, I thought that that was was way out of line and racially insensitive. You know, our teachers here at ETSU teach us professionalism, and I don’t think the message has gotten through to him. If it were my choice, I would have kicked him to the curb a long time ago, but, alas, I don’t make those decisions, I’m just an undergraduate.

That’s enough ranting for now.

EDIT: I edited this entry, I had not recounted past events correctly. Greg was there and did clear it up for me.

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    1. I hope to God not. I brought it up with station management. Something has to be done to curtail this individual, I just am at a loss for words.

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