5 Replies to “Of probably no interest, except maybe baugh217”

  1. Nick, where did you pick the FWHA font from? Good start.
    On a related note, check out the Iowa Highways Page: http://iowahighways.home.mchsi.com/
    While not my site, I have contributed photographs and information.

    On a similar note: This places you on the same level as Bobby Peacock. 😛

  2. hey there

    haven’t heard from you in a while. and suddenly, your name appears on my friends list. glad you found me. how are things going?

    1. Re: hey there

      I’m doing good, just found you looking through the directory here and thought you’d like to read my thoughts and rants. 🙂

  3. I like it! If I had more time and was closer to route termini (terminuses? Nah), I would put one up for Ohio. The Ohio roadgeek sites out there leave something to be desired, like being updated more than every 8 years. 😛

    FWIW, I’m closest to the northern terminuses/termini of only a bunch of OH routes–175, 640, 615, 306, plus the western termini of OH 84 and OH 283. If I did some hunting, I could probably find the northern terminus of OH 8 somewhere near here.

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