The Weekend In a Nutshell

Friday: Took a roadtrip to Newport, TN to take the complete US 25E split to Corbin, KY. Beautiful weather made for a nice roadtrip. Checked out an interesting tourist attraction in Corbin, the restoration of Colonel Sanders’ original cafe on US 25W (at the former location of the US 25 split). I took some pictures and will try to get some up soon.

Saturday: Decided for the heck of it to go to KFC here in town, and Greg told an interesting story of how his Weather and Climate teacher told him one time that upon asking while dining at a KFC of why the temperature was so cold, the response was “to get all the old people eating up my buffet to leave.” I then come up with a bit of genius saying that when one gets old, the decision they have to make is “Do I want the white gravy or the brown gravy???”

Lo and behold, a few minutes later, Greg overhears someone at the buffet line… “Which gravy do you want?”

Spot on.