Is it Saturday already… and it’s spring break!

Well, spring break is here, or as I call it, just a week off.

I got a goodie out of layaway yesterday- a Liteon DVD-RW drive, and it works like a charm, churing out stuff already… 🙂

So, the A-Sun Championship is here today, and it’s on ESPN2 at 2:00 PM. I thought about going to the game, but two factors turned me off of it. A) ETSU lost Thursday, so no free ticket and B) one ticket is $15. OUCH! No way, I’ll save my funds. :-\

Besides, would you really want to see my unenthusiastic form broadcast to a nationwide audience? Maybe someone does, I don’t know…

I’m taping the broadcast for what it’s worth anyway, even if it is two Nashville colleges playing here in Johnson City.

Should be fun, but not at $30 expense if I can help it.