A correction to the previous entry: the taping session has been pushed back to Wednesday at Noon to better accomodate our instructor. Greg and I had no problem with this.

I am in process over the last day and the next two of finishing a paper for my philosophy class defending gay marriage. The technique I’m using is to find opposing viewpoints and refuting them. I hope to get at least eight pages out of it. I’ll let everyone here know how it turns out.

Then, after the dust settles, is the final project for Radio Production: a 5-minute children’s story adaptation, and the good news is we can use any music (regardless of copyright, since this will not be released to the public, it’s just merely a class project only). Me and Greg have some ideas, which will remain secret for now, you never know who could be reading. 😛

BTW, to Brandon: it sure is fun, you can have fun too… just BSG is not the place to find that fun anymore, trust me, I know. 🙂