So, the new place I have moved into is TERRIBLE. I picked it in too much haste, that’s for sure. Why can’t I ever learn from my own stupidity sometimes. I am already working on getting another place, I don’t care what lease I signed (they didn’t even notarize the damn lease, I think it’s not binding, anyone have any thoughts on that?).

Not much more to report, altered what I’m taking this summer, am taking TV Production first term and moved my history class to the second term, and of course I’ll be working at the TV station too. Schedule TBD on that.

In roadgeeking news, the I-26 mile markers here in TN, which have reflected the former North-South mileage are being changed over finally to East-West mileage (merely reversing the markers), Greg and I are going tomorrow to observe the new mile markers that have been placed so far.

I’ll try to post more often, whenever I can get to a computer with internet access. Ciao for now.