Today was my first official exercise as a Director. A simple one minute commerical with one camera and one person, hence why it’s called the 1-1-1 exercise. I did a good job, just held a zoom-in too long on the product the talent was demonstrating. I’ll improve with time. I got an A, so I’m glad with that.

On the apartment front, I got a new place for $250/month and $150 deposit, and it’s a lot nicer than the bug haven I was at. The manager was very, very nice and, even though it’s a one room efficiency with a kitchen and small bathroom, I think it will suit me well for a good price. I guess destiny points me in the right direction again.

Greg’s grandmother passed away earlier tonight. He said he’ll be okay, that he really wasn’t that close to his grandmother, but his mom is giving him a bunch of crap about not caring about his family that is total irrelevant bullshit. All the more reason why Greg needs to get away from his condemning mother.

Anyhoo, I should be online in the new place approximately the start of next week, and oh brother, I get stuck with Comcast because Charter dosen’t cross Comcast’s lines in Johnson City. Oh well, at least I’m only a mile from campus and not six this time, so I guess I’ll learn to live with it.

That’s all I have, take care…