June 16th, 2006– A Day Which Will Live in Infamy (well, in my life anyway)

My moving on Friday, June 16th was, for all intensive purposes, a nightmare. Around 9:30 AM, I picked up a U-Haul I had reserved the previous Friday, drove it to my new apartment, and waited for Greg so we could go to class. It happens without a hitch, so far so good. After class, me and Greg have to get moving, because Greg’s grandmother’s funeral was set for 6:00 PM (class being over at approx. 12:25 PM). We get to the U-Haul, go to his place (where my stuff was stored) and load the stuff up. Now we’re at about 2:00 PM, we get in the U-Haul, turn the key, the engine is turning over, and it DOESN’T START! At this point, I thought I was surely cursed.

After Greg’s dad looked at it, I had to call the Breakdowns 800 number. They promised a mechanic would be out in an hour, it took him over 90 minutes. At this point, Greg had to ride with his parents to go to the funeral, so I was left with the mechanic. He said that the fuel pump was out. He beat on the fuel pump and was able to get it started, then followed me to Johnson City to make sure I got to my destination OK. That was nice of him.

So, I get the U-Haul to my new apartment at around 6:00, and for some reason or another, I hauled ass to get all of my stuff unloaded by about 6:50. I called the service center to see if they wanted to go ahead and send a tow out to get the truck, and he told me to try and start it. Lo and behold, it started! The guy on the phone told me to go ahead and take it back to the place I got it, don’t stop and don’t worry about putting fuel back into the truck. I end up getting it back at about 7:10 PM, when it was due at 7:00 PM. They didn’t charge me a cent for anything other than what I would have paid normally. It ended up costing $43 even with a $7 dolly rental.

I must say again: what a NIGHTMARE. But at least it’s over and now I’m pretty much settled into my new apartment. It sure is nice and peaceful here, it gets warm at times, but I grew up that way, so it’s no big deal.