Not much going on this week, just trying to get through this History 2010 class and get it out of the way.

Am trying to get my videotapes logged and back in order. I am having to relog my Match Game episodes because I didn’t have it backed up and, well, the internet archives just plain suck, I got every page back but that one. I wonder why…

My thoughts on the all-star game in MLB… blah. What an exciting snooze fest.

And did I mention I am addicted to Nick GAS now, Finders Keepers makes for a great bedtime show. 😛

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  1. I tried the internet archives looking for your Card Sharks (CBS daytime, 1986-1989) episode guide, but never found it. However, I did look for my old Game Show Amusment Park website from when I had it on the Spaceports servers.

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