The Great Tape Archive Project of 2006

As the title suggests, I am finally getting my tape collection back in order, mainly just for myself. I don’t plan to start trading again (Greg handles that stuff anyway). What’s the big deal you ask? Well, I lost my listing of Match Game episodes, so I’m almost done relogging them. It’s been quite fun actually, lots of great memories to be relived from trades past.

And for those of you who have traded in the past on my friends list, remember how much Matt Kaiser’s tape quality sucks? Yeah, I hear you screaming out there.

Not much more to do other than that.

7 Replies to “The Great Tape Archive Project of 2006”

    1. My collection is still being traded, it’s just that Greg is shopping around my stuff and his stuff as well. It’s raised a few eyebrows. 😀

    1. I ask myself, why did I do eight trades with him? I look back over these tapes, and… oh god, I’m going to pop an embolism. 😀

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