Everything at WCYB is well, I have to go in tomorrow moring for one more day (at least) of training, they just want to make sure I’m up to speed on everything before I assume a regular shift. Make sense to me.

I almost got hit in the Wal-Mart parking lot earlier this evening. I’ve had enough of people cutting across parking lots… so I sent a letter to the editor of the Johnson City Press (the first time I’ve ever sent a letter to the editor) regarding this, the letter is below…

To the Editor:
I think that some parking lots in Johnson City are becoming very dangerous.  Those of us who try to follow the proper lanes in parking lots are finding it a hazard because of people who cut across lines just to get to the exit or to their parking space quicker.  Parking lots where I frequently see this occur are in the Wal-Mart lot, and both Kroger lots, along with many more.  What ever happened to those concrete barriers they put in the parking spaces to keep you from crossing the middle line?  I think those would solve the problem and keep people from driving recklessly in a parking lot.  I either attribute it to the companies who are responsible for maintaining the parking lot either penny pinching or just not caring about the safety of their customers.  I plead to drivers: please follow the lanes in a parking lot, not only for your own safety, please be considerate of people like me and others who try to follow the rules not only on the road, but in the parking lots.  Is it really that inconvenient to you to just take a few extra seconds to follow the rules?  I hate to read the headline in the Press one day if an accident occurs due to this.

Nicholas J. Mooneyhan
Johnson City, TN

Well, hopefully that will get published. Will anything be done about it? Probably not. I guess someone will have to get seriously hurt or killed before anything will be done about it (I hate saying that, but it seems that way, you know?)


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  1. Wally World

    Customers there are of a different breed. I’ve noticed that some of them don’t follow basic rules of the road in parking lots of the W-M’s ’round here.

    To a lesser extent, Cindy and I went grocery shopping at a W-M Saturday. We were going through the aisles inside the store. There were some people there that would just stop, visit with friends and “block traffic” (read: us). I begged her on the next shopping trip, let’s go to a grocery store — but she then pointed out that would double the grocery bill.


    I do hope it gets in the paper. However, it may not. “Considerate” is too big a word for your typical W-M customer.

    Did I say that? 🙂 Glad you got this under lockdown.

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