Re: NBSFL- My Tennessee Non-Vols

Okay, so the autodraft happened… and an interesting combo… Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens.

Yes, you read that right.

My team is going to have more drama than Melrose Place.



One Reply to “Re: NBSFL- My Tennessee Non-Vols”

  1. Holy crap, I didn’t even realize that you got both of them until just now. That is awesome. You actually lucked out, because McNabb was waaaay down the autodraft list for some reason, and no one who showed up took a powder on him, which surprised me.

    At least you’re not complaining; I’ve had two people threaten to quit because they didn’t like their draft results… and one of them is the dude who talked me into trying a live draft in the first place. Hang on while I call 911, the WAAAAHmbulance will arrive shortly. Sheesh… how petty can you get?

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