What a rush the last few days have been. Having a good time over at 5, the news can be an exciting game, at least in videography. Still trying to get a good picture everyday, but it seems like I can do better. Life is a constant challenge to do better, I guess.

To those of you wondering where my picks are and where is headed… I have decided not to go forward with this at this time. It may come back next year, but I just don’t have enough time to do it right now. It’s not a big deal to me really, it was just something fun to do last season and I won’t lose any sleep over it, I know you guys won’t either… (except for sport6449, it may make him want to go out and find some more feet, lol, just kidding, Chuck.)

I guess I just don’t have the journal-worthy life, everything is OK, nothing really bad going on, about the only major thing is that Greg and I are going up to my brother’s house on Sunday to help him with a modem issue (yes, he’s using dialup, but that’s about all you can get in the boonies of Scott County, VA these days, no DSL or cable modems).

BTW, Greg is going in to interview for an internship at 5 today, I have everything possible crossed that he’ll be able to make it on. It would be a blast to have him there.

Can’t think of much more… anyone ever have an issue of their .com name expiring and they have to try to get it back? Any recommendations because it’s not looking pretty right now.

All for now…

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  1. LOL Bring on the babes!

    I still do my picks of course. They’ll always be my idiocy to point and laugh at in my journal. 😀

    1. It expired in the early part of this year. It’s in “registrar-lock” status, and I don’t think that’s a good thing.

      1. Contact the registrar — they’re the only ones who can “unlock” it right now. They may want a lot of $$ for that, though (it’s a situation of “they’ve got you by the balls”). It depends on the registrar, though.

        Another option is to wait for the domain to fully expire and then re-buy it. You’re risking someone else being able to buy it, however. The first step is to contact your registrar and ask them how you can obtain your old domain name, and see what they say.

        If they won’t help, I’ve used this service from GoDaddy.com. The instant the domain comes available, they’ll register it for you. The $19 fee for that includes one year of registration, too.

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