Well, it’s been crazy lately, as you can notice by my reluctance to update this blog. I am officially a smash hit over a Channel 5, they love my work. I couldn’t be happier, I think my career path is more or less set, or at least I have conquered the entry level. If I haven’t, then the world is some weird alternate universe with polka-dotted people.

Well, Greg and I have officially revealed a new game show to the masses, called “Clue Me In”, to begin production as a lab program at ETSU this coming spring, we are co-producers and I will direct, Greg will handle the judging end of things, and a few people are interested in being on the crew. The format is still not completely finalized, and I am leary about even revealing details here, as it’s not even in production yet, so I’ll withhold any details for now (and probably leave you on the edge of your seats at home… yeah right).

Well, not much more for now…

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