So, tomorrow I get to meet the crew for “Clue Me In”… I hope they have some good suggestions for prizes. Why am I afraid to go in local business soliciting them for prizes to give away? I guess I’m always a sucker for fear of rejection I guess.

I am still very enthusiastic about this show however. Major props to Greg for figuring out the gameboard problem. It may not look sophisticated, but it’ll do it’s job.

Tentative plan is for rehearsals to start on February 3rd and taping to start February 17th. I never thought I’d ever say that on this blog, hehe, but it’s happening.


You know, just reflecting for a moment, but I never ever thought that I’d have the opportunity to produce a real show that I helped to create in any medium, college, network, or otherwise. It’s a very different feeling, and I know that I will produce a good show that is as good as a game show should be (i.e., not dark, dank and way too over the top), but a show that we used to like to watch years ago. Like a Password or such. I don’t think that’s too impossible, no?

We shall see.